We change and/or repair defective CARLY'S BIJOUX jewelry free of charge if there is a warranty claim. Jewelry that is not covered by the guarantee or warranty will be repaired for you at your expense, as far as this is possible at the discretion and assessment of CARLY'S BIJOUX Jewelry Design.

Conditions for repair service

Please note that we can only provide the repair service if the product can be returned to its original perfect condition, all necessary spare parts for the repair are available and no repair attempts have been made on the item. A repair stock of materials is held for items from older collections - however, availability is not guaranteed for all parts.
If a repair is not possible, we will send the product back to you free of charge.

Procedure for sending in repairs

When purchasing the jewelry in the official CARLY'S BIJOUX online store (www.carlysbijoux.com):
Please send an e-mail to carlys_bijoux@yahoo.com with the following details: Your name, address and location. You will then receive a free return label, a repair form and further information on how to send in your jewelry.

The average processing time, including shipping, is around 2 to 4 weeks.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at carlys_bijoux@yahoo.com.

Repair in case of warranty

As part of the following warranty conditions, your CARLY’S BIJOUX piece of jewelry will be repaired free of charge. If a repair is not possible or disproportionate, we will replace the piece of jewelry with an equivalent one free of charge.

Notes on guarantee and warranty rights:
In addition to the statutory warranty rights in the event of material and legal defects, we offer you an additional guarantee on your CARLY'S BIJOUX piece of jewelry, which is in addition to the statutory warranty rights and does not limit them, as follows:

1. The guarantee applies to material defects and processing errors of your CARLY’S BIJOUX jewelry. The guarantee does not apply in the event of improper use, third-party repairs, negligent treatment, wear and tear, wearing parts such as leather straps, misuse or if the piece of jewelry is damaged, for example. B. was damaged in an accident. Please note the special care instructions for jewelry from CARLY’S BIJOUX. Failure to follow the special care instructions will result in a loss of warranty.

2. The guarantee applies to jewelry with a value of €29 or more and for a period of 1 year, calculated from the date of purchase. The relevant date is the date stated on the purchase receipt, which must be presented to claim the guarantee.

Repair outside of warranty

If there is no warranty claim and/or statutory warranty claims do not apply, we offer you the option of having your piece of jewelry repaired in our company for a fee.

Information about our repair flat rates:

For paid repairs we charge the following flat rates:

Flat rate repair fee::

Reason      Price




Wire bent and/or torn

10 €


8 €

Damage to the material

15 €

8 €

10 €